Sholem Aleichem's Ukrainian Odyssey: Amelia Glaser in Conversation with Oleksandra Uralova




Join us for a conversation as Oleksandra Uralova, an independent researcher, translator, and Yiddish instructor at the Ukrainian Association for Jewish Studies, delves into the world of Sholem Aleichem, a classic Yiddish writer whose influence extends far beyond his time.

In this interview, Oleksandra engages in a thoughtful discussion with Prof. Amelia Glaser from UC San Diego's Department of Literature, unraveling the intriguing connection between Sholem Aleichem and his Ukrainian readers and translators.

During this talk, Prof. Amelia Glaser and Oleksandra Uralova explore Sholem Aleichem's work in both Ukrainian and worldwide contexts, shedding light on how his written heritage was received, interpreted, and translated in Ukraine.

You can find the video on the UCSD School of Arts and Humanities YouTube Channel.