UAJS wishes you victory and freedom this New Year!




This past year, all Ukrainians, including those who work in academia, media, or the arts, faced the hardest challenges of their lives. Many of them defended their homeland or gave their lives for it, while others in various ways supported the Ukrainian Army and helped those who have been forced to leave their homes.

Students of the NaUKMA MA in Jewish Studies defended their master theses




On June 29, 2022, four students of the NaUKMA MA in Jewish Studies Program successfully defended their master theses.

The topics of their theses were:

Viacheslav Kravchuk
"Antizionist publications in the Soviet propaganda in the Ukrainian SSR, 1948–1991"

Nadiia Ufimtseva appointed to the position of the UAJS Program Director




The Ukrainian Association for Jewish Studies congratulates a researcher of Jewish book culture Nadiia Ufimtseva on her appointment to the position of the UAJS Program Director.

We wish Nadiia to successfully combine her academic activity and her work for development of Jewish Studies in Ukraine.